Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wasai-- Betel Nut Girls

Back in the States, in the heyday of night clubs, lovely young women,in not very many clothes, would drift among the patrons with a tray of tobacco products calling, "Cigars, cigarettes?". And today, Cocktail Waitresses line their closets with saucy outfits designed to bring big tips. Hooters, the restaurant named after a popular aspect of the female figure, seems to have developed a thriving business on the premise that sex sells.
Yet, somehow, when I first arrived and saw Taiwan's glass-caged lovelies, my jaw dropped. No hiding in dimly lit, smoke filled rooms for these business women. They offer drive-through (or drive past, as the case may be) service to their customers. It all seemed so blatant, so not subtle.
A year later and I'm still fascinated with the betel nut girls.
Submitted to Wasai Taiwan by: Peggie Scott (Hsinchu)

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