Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wasai--- Chinese Medicine

For some foreigners in Taiwan there is an adjustment period for a few years as their immune system adjusts to the new environment and a new set of pathogens. For me this adjust period brought me a few bouts with the stomach flu and indigestion. The advice the doctor gave me seemed a little strange—don’t drink any cold water. And that’s only the beginning of the strange medical practices that are very common in Chinese culture. I used to think all that herbology and bizarre treatments were very strange until I met Mr. Ling. When I first met him Mr. Ling had gone nearly bald—only a few scraps of hair in odd places around his head. However, a few years later he had a grown a beautiful thick growth of jet black hair and would even let you run your fingers through it to make sure it was real. All this was due to a concoction of Chinese herbology he had been taking. I am no expert but I know that, even with Rogaine, by Western medical standards that is impossible!

Now every time I hear of some Chinese medical practice that seems very strange to me I remember Mr. Ling and wonder. Maybe they know something that don’t teach at Harvard medical school.

Submitted to Wasai Taiwan by: Tim Allen (Hsinchu)

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