Monday, July 31, 2006


In an effort to enhance cross-cultural understanding and competency between Western and Chinese cultures. We are looking for ex-pats to write about their experiences living in Taiwan. Specifically, we would like to know have you ever found something interesting or unusual about Chinese culture? If so, please share your experience(s) with us.

Here is what we are looking for in the cross-cultural essays:

1. Write an anecdote of your experiences that best describe a contrast between Taiwan and your home country. Try to focus on the differences that lead you amazed, surprised, or even shocked. Please try your best to describe the situation in full detail. If you do not have a specific story, you can write about your observations or opinions of the cultural items or phenomena.

2. Please try to account for the reason why this aspect of culture or items made you feel surprised or amazed.

3. 300- 600 words is enough for the essay.

4. Please write about one aspect of culture or one cultural item in each essay. Do not mix topics together.

5. Please provide related photos if possible.

6. Please write in a more academic style and try to be creative and humorous!!

7. Please name a title for your essay.

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