Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wasai---Ice Cream Truck?

Originally getting used to living in Taiwan was easy as pie. Many things were similar to things in the States. Whenever I had problems someone always was more than willing to give me a hand, and often could even speak a little English. But despite all the help I was given, I can still occasionally make silly mistakes, which let everyone know how new I am to this country. For example, one day I was out for a walk with a friend when I heard a familiar sound coming from down the street. I immediately recognize it, or at least I thought I did. I heard a truck coming, and it was playing music loudly. We have trucks that drive around towns playing music in the United States too, and they sell ice cream on hot days. Well, that particular day was very hot, and I immediately went to get a bite to eat, only to come face to face with a big yellow garbage truck.

In the United States we also have garbage trucks in our cities. But they usually come on a schedule, the same times, maybe once or twice a week. Each house or business can bring their trash cans out and leave them on the side of the street, and when the garbage man comes by, he takes care of their garbage for them. I had never seen a truck before that plays music, and collects your trash. My friends though it was funny to see me make such a mistake. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get some of the ice cream that I had wanted so much. Then again, shopping is so convenient in Taiwan; I just had to cross the street to the Seven-Eleven to fill my craving.

Submitted to Wasai Taiwan by: Ryan Barber (Hsinchu)

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