Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wasai---Push my buttons

Going up to the Panoramic View Restaurant, located on the top floor of my hotel, I get into the elevator, push the ROOF button, and wait. There is a man inside the elevator. He gives me a dirty look, and pushes the CLOSE DOOR button. I have the feeling he is teaching me a lesson. Going down to the ground floor, I push the LOBBY button, and the same thing happens, a few women inside push the CLOSE DOOR button for me. We don’t do that back home. It feels redundant. If I push a floor button I know the door would close, and I would go. No need to push another button. But in Taiwan, the CLOSE DOOR button is the most worn-out button in the elevator.

Submitted to Wasai Taiawn by:Tad Isreal (Hsinchu)

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