Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wasai---Ice water

Coming to Taiwan is a chance to experience new foods, and so I’ve found myself going to restaurants and eateries of all sorts as much and as often as I can find someone to go with me. Sitting down at one restaurant, after having walked around in a Taiwan summer and feeling the heat, out of habit I absentmindedly asked the waitress to bring me a glass of water with ice please while I browsed the menu wondering what to get. So it was with a bit of shock to hear that in fact, the restaurant didn’t have ice water. After all, what kind of restaurant doesn’t have ice water? Certainly none in America, not even the smallest hot dog stand lacks at the very least a cooler with drinks packed in ice. Yet in all my experience in Taiwan the only times I’ve encountered drinks with ice are in iced juice drinks or teas, and never ever have I run into ice water in Taiwan, not in houses or restaurants.

Submitted to Wasai Taiwan by: Bernard Kung (Hsinchu)

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